At PVN Chicago, we truly believe that the church is a place where people of all cultures, nationalities and walks of life can enter to have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Under the faithful leadership of our pastors Adriano & Michele Penteado, we strive to make a positive impact in our community and all throughout the city of Chicago by spreading the love of Christ through hosting various events and walking with one another in the daily battles and victories of life.


Founded in 2007, Project New Life - Chicago is an extended branch of the original PVN located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The congregation was originally led by Pastors Fernando and Eliane Lima, who later on moved to found and lead Project New Life Newark in Newark, New Jersey. In [2012], Adriano and Michele Penteado were ordained as the church's pastors and have led since then.


We are here to boldly preach the reconciling message of the Gospel and that God’s Grace offers everyone a new life with Jesus Christ.


To be faithful to God’s word and to live life based on the character that Christ is building through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Statement of Beliefs




We seek to live in holiness according to the will of God revealed in his word and the promptings of the Holy Spirit.


We consider faithfulness a characteristic that is present in the lives of those who are born again through the blood of Jesus. We desire to be faithful to God, our families, leaders, friends, and communities.


We believe that faith is an essential component to our salvation, our relationship with God and our spiritual growth.


We understand that one of the works that Jesus performs in a person’s life is to transform the character. We teach about the importance of character in a Christian’s life.


Our church is built on love-based relationships and a strong FAMILY dynamic, where we eagerly encourage one another in our life's walk.


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